Casa Voyageurs Station

New high-speed rail station in Casablanca

TYPES: Infrastructure
LOCATION: Casablanca
YEAR: 2018
CLIENT: National Office for railways of Morocco
ACTIVITIES: Preliminary and final design, working drawings
AREA: 10.000 sqm

The program for the implementation of the new high-speed railway line in Morocco identifies Casa Voyageurs as the new station on the high-speed rail line in Casablanca.
In line with the most recent European experiences, Casa Voyageurs is not a simple connection for local and regional mobility. It is the core theme of a general urban transformation and plays a central role in the city, combining urban, civil, commercial and trading functions. The large roof is a great urban landmark making the new architecture and recognizable at a distance, conferring a new identity to that separated part of the city. This “royal shelter” can accommodate and protect passengers, rail operators and stores. The large roof unifies in a whole the bridge-station buildings and the old station, which will be converted into a museum and a shop for the excellence of Moroccan craft products.
The new volumes are composed of two opposed entrance halls and of a vast linking structure suspended over the railway tracks. The northern atrium is the monumental entrance from the old city and holds the entrance of the shopping center and the system of elevators and escalators to the bridge level. The southern atrium, facing the urban redevelopment area, is dedicated to all station-related aspects, such as the kiss&ride zone for private vehicles, the loading and unloading activities and the arrival/departure zone of suburban buses.
The bridge-station building connects the two atriums and holds all rail functions such as waiting rooms, accesses to regional railway lines and the dedicated boarding areas for high-speed trains. The bridge-station is also provided with large public spaces, strictly integrated into the green areas and the new multi-service center.