Directional buildings

New headquarters for the Italian railway company

TYPES: Office and Commercial
YEAR: 2009
CLIENT: Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A.
ACTIVITIES: Preliminary and final design, working drawings
AREA: 22.000 sqm

The urban plan of the New High Speed Station ”Roma Tiburtina” provides the construction of the Sectors C2 and C3 buildings and the partial completion of the public unit ST1.
The south and north offices facing the Nomentano district are thus completed.
The new building includes the construction of a 22.000 m2 area for offices and commercial activities that will host the new Italian state railways group headquarters. This building comprises executive offices, a company canteen, a conference hall and vocational training areas.
The different functions will be divided into linear blocks of 15 meters depth on 4 floors south and 8 floors north, near the multilevel public car parking as provided for by the project.
The new intervention includes vehicular connections with the local road system and the building parking areas, partially connected to the adjacent private parking lots. The building will also ensure pedestrian connections with the city’s public spaces and the Roma Tiburtina high-speed train station, thus creating a whole building unit and a multifunctional center of public and private services. The new project leads to the relocation of several fundamental services for the station correct functioning. These services will be gradually implemented.
The north area A7 is nearly 8.800 m2 and the A5 area comprises a linear bridge building running over the subway station (B1 line) reconnecting the south and north sides. The south area D1 comprises 2 units for a total 3.444 square meters area directly connected with the bus station square and the first railway platform.
The building is entirely provided for offices. The south area D2/D3 is a total 2.194 square meters surface on two floors. This area hosts the whole plant room and equipment for the station functioning. The south area D4 comprises a one storey office building with a total surface of 2.200 square meters.