ex FIM area

Urban renewal of the ex FIM area in Porto Sant'Elpidio

TYPES: Masterplan
LOCATION: Porto Sant'Elpidio
YEAR: 2007
CLIENT: private client
ACTIVITIES: urban planning, preliminary design

The project provides for the redevelopment and renewal of the large “ex-Fim” area occupied by the historical building of a disused fertilizer and chemical factory since 1988.
The spot is a real fracture within the local environmental and urban system in Porto Sant’Elpidio, a land which linearly develops along the natural coast and the railway line.
The general approach of the project is focused on the integration of spaces, functions, urban and territorial facilities.
The project proposes a varied programme, focused on public interest, design of the spaces, infrastructures and in line with the private management of the areas in need of restoration. The project aims to heal an urban open wound while ensuring a comprehensive continuity of the city and of its spaces and functions in this territory.  As well, it systematically avoids any separation within the territory, any limitation of an “inside” and an “outside” and any distinction of public and private.
The project is strongly oriented to encourage culture through enhancing locally rooted traditions, such as tourism, and new facilities such as a multi-purpose centre, a specific events area and a commercial centre.