Housing development

Design for lodges in Algeria

TYPES: Masterplan
YEAR: 2013
ACTIVITIES: Masterplan, preliminary design

The new district is conceived and developed horizontally, starting from a simple settlement, that represents the generative compartment, and evolving until more complex structures. The architectural model is the Mat Building, an horizontal building settlement, typical of Mediterranean spontaneous architectures.
The project follows two development models: the radial type and the linear one.
The radial development starts from an independent set of buildings on the main street, a service and housing settlement. From the central compartment of the district, many others can branch out in a simple radial structure. The more of compartments will be built up together, the more complex the star structure will be, such as a little independent village.
The linear development focuses on the alignment of one or more compartments, parallel to each other and linked to the main street. Consequently, independent districts will be created along both sides of the street. The settlements or the single compartment can be put together even more regularly, thus creating a compact homogeneous system with large squares and social spaces for the community.