Industrial zone

Detailed urban plan in the former industrial zone of Ponte S. Giovanni

TYPES: Masterplan
LOCATION: Ponte San Giovanni
YEAR: 2001
CLIENT: private client
ACTIVITIES: Implementation plan, preliminary and final design

The project develops in Ponte San Giovanni, an important strategic area in the municipality of Perugia.
This is an old disused industrial site of about two hectares, which is part of a wider urban regeneration plan.
The project provides for a new set of residential and directional buildings with a series of public spaces, pedestrian squares and green areas connecting a sequence of buildings.
The office building on the south-west side consists of two ground-level sections above which a longitudinal volume arises at 19 meters height. As regards viability, this is the most important building and is thus to be considered the distinctive mark of the new housing development.
Three residential buildings are located in the central area and on the north-east side at 19 meters height as well. Their shape and position create public spaces reaching a big central square, which is the natural end of a pedestrian pathway connecting the district to the new housing development. The longitudinal buildings are situated above the volumes at the basement provided with commercial areas, staircases and lifts leading to the apartments.
The paved square with greenery is surrounded by buildings and connected to public parking areas through dedicated sheltered pedestrian pathways at the north-west side. Covered arcades separate the commercial volumes from the residential halls.
Pedestrian areas could become social spaces thanks to this new plan, which also makes public spaces particularly safer and provided with different commercial facilities.