La Sapienza University

Extension of the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology at “Sant’Andrea” Hospital

TYPES: Education and Health
YEAR: 2016
CLIENT: University of Rome “La Sapienza”
ACTIVITIES: Preliminary and final design
AREA: 6.800 sqm

The Faculty of Medicine and Psychology of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” within the “Sant’Andrea” Hospital is a new building composed by a pure stereometrical volume with a system of horizontal holes on the sides. This regular system is interrupted at the two main front sides: on the south of the building there is a platform, supported by pillars with irregular position and thickness, to indicate the main access to the building; on the north, a smaller platform indicates the access to a parking area. A vast metal coating skin, a tubular brise soleil, enriches the two access fronts while screening some holes on the south side and masking the external emergency stairs on the north.
The main rooms and a store are located on the ground floor thus to create a kind of “square”. At the higher floors, the wide empty space is delimited by a surrounding connected system of rooms and laboratories. Stairs and lifts are the connecting heart of this system and are located on the north side of the building. This position aims to define and separate the flows to improve the circulation of the whole building. Finally, the upper floor is reserved to the administrative and directional offices of the Faculty and is also provided with an access to a terrace for events and special occasions.