Logistic center

New headquarters for logistic, research and development in Parma

TYPES: Masterplan
YEAR: 2009
CLIENT: Municipality of Parma
ACTIVITIES: Masterplan, preliminary design
AREA: 64 ha

The redevelopment of the North/West side of Parma is a chance for an urban reconnection, a landscape interpretation, an improvement of the territorial productive-economic fabric, and also the opportunity to attract agrifood acquirers and to look for a sustainable international excellence of the city.
Within a broader urban and infrastructural framework, the project proposes a new logistic site, the Food Valley Center, combining the existing freight handling functions and the related urban and territorial services with a number of new important functions, which will transform the district in size, together with the existing or scheduled ones. This will be possible thanks to a great infrastructural development of the area.
The Food Valley District will be structured around a new logistic site, the Food Valley Center, for the territorial development and exploitation of agrifood ambiences and structures.
The master plan is conceived as a succession of overlapped layers, gradually integrated to create an overall scheme with a complex section.  
Starting from the floor, the new land scheme includes paved streets, pedestrian paths, wide sidewalks and bicycle paths. The ground also changes in a succession of faults, levels and enclosed volumes, dedicated to specific functions.
Greenery appears as a continuous lawn with alternating green areas and built volumes, which serve as podiums for the buildings with entrance halls, social areas and commercial facilities.
The continuous green system is complemented by the natural gardens and green terraces which connect the buildings and the ground. On an higher level, the building volumes hold tertiary functions, halls, service areas and offices, being a sort of prismatic aerial suspended elements above the ground.