Luxembourg Rail Station

A Rail Station as Urban District

TYPES: Infrastructure
LOCATION: Luxembourg
YEAR: 2005
CLIENT: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
ACTIVITIES: Preliminary design
AREA: 160.000 m2

The design of the area around the Luxembourg city station is aimed:
  • to connect the station to the planned infrastructural interventions within the historic city;
  • to redefine and regenerate the public space around the new planned interventions for a new urban meaning of the involved area;
  • through a new underground station, to reconnect the east and west parts of the city, currently separated by the rail and high-speed tracks;
  • to create a vast area of environmental services for a better structure of the crossed areas, while ensuring an autonomous functioning of pedestrian networks, bicycle paths, greeneries, etc.;
  • to redefine the road network and improve the traffic system.
The proposal focuses on the separation of different infrastructural typologies: all vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian systems are conceived as autonomous concurrent layers, functionally separated and spatially placed on different heights.
Therefore, they are independent and free from interferences while being also in reciprocal connection and communication.
The project includes the square in front of the existing station as  pedestrian area and provides for an urban reconnection with the east side and the Bonnevoie district through an underground system of public spaces below the track level.
Bicycle circulation is structured as a system of filaments connected with parking structures (car and bike sharing or rental), green parks and all connection points of the city with the station. Crossing at +6.00 meters height, the rail tracks functionally reconnect the park system. At the station, the bicycle path connection is guaranteed by a system of subterranean public spaces.
The new station is conceived as a large two-sided system that underpasses the tracks while finally recomposing the urban fracture of the actual rail and infrastructural system.