Multipurpose Center

Multi-functional center in Corridonia

TYPES: Office and Commercial
LOCATION: Corridonia
YEAR: 1999
CLIENT: private
ACTIVITIES: Preliminary and final design, working drawings
AREA: 10.000 sqm

The new multi-functional center, designed and realized over a short period of time and entirely occupied by commercial activities and local facilities, is located on top of the ramps leading to the freeway exit Civitanova-Tolentino.
The building volume is partially displayed, since it sinks one level underground and emerges only two floors.
The building follows restraining lines due to fixed altitudinal profiles and strict boundaries. The restrictive horizontal figure of the volume is balanced by a more complex definition of the facades, dotted by the vertical sequence of painted metal sheets at the base and the Schuco metallic profiles of the windows, which bend and cross each other along different axes.
The design and the structural analysis of these facades required appropriate specialist advice. The building, a sort of “Adriatic arc”, stands out as a stranded boat in the hills of the region of Marche, and its waterline coincides on one side with the road profile, while sinking one floor below ground level on the other side. The building figures as a “floating city”, where both commercial and work life take place within its hull. Commercial activities and services are located around the central cavity of the square; shops and facilities cross each other on the balconies and the roof level with parking lots, finally heading out along the shielded bridge, on which the offices overlook.
The complex plant room is located in a separate independent volume from the building. This volume is surrounded by a vehicular ramp leading to the car parking roof areas.