New Wholesale Market

Redevelopment of the wholesale market area in Milan

TYPES: Masterplan
YEAR: 2011
CLIENT: Sogemi S.p.a.
ACTIVITIES: Masterplan
AREA: 13,25 ha market - 110.000 sqm private services

The project provides for the reorganization of the wholesale market area including the surrounding areas and working on the main critical points. Road network is troubled and circulation is congested inside the wholesale market area and in the neighboring streets. The four entries are obsolete and do not ensure access controls.
The wholesale market does not communicate with the urban context and it just serves as an independent technical area not interacting with the city. Besides, although the prestigious proximity to the Alessandrini park, there is low environmental quality.
The project identifies two areas of action: a regulated area and a public one. It also provides a centralized control of vehicle accesses allowing traffic to flow more smoothly on the neighboring streets Via Vismara and Via Lombroso. It finally aims to connect the urban framework and green pedestrian areas.
As concerns the regulated area and the logistical functions of the public area, the wholesale market building will include: 100 shops, 100 loading bays, public spaces, dedicated areas for agricultural producers, wide parking zones and sheltered areas for landing operations, and a delivery system around the market building. Besides, the regulated area includes a refrigerated logistical platform, technological structures, operational technical areas and an ecological directional zone. Automatic platforms for temporary goods storing are located outside the regulated area near the access gates. The traffic reduction on Via Vismara will connect the area and the opposite urban zone, such as a stitch point between the wholesale market and the district or as a potential space for new functions and social areas.
At +5 meters height above the shopping line on Via Vismara, there are the Food Street, a new pedestrian street completely dedicated to gastronomy, offices and services above commercial premises and restaurants. The Sport Square stands on the north-west side of the Food Street and has several structures connected to the Urban Park and sport facilities, at an elevation of +12 meters on the market roof. The multilevel parking is an intermodal point connecting  the subway station Zama, the urban park and the free public area. Finally, the central square, such as a public “entry door” of the wholesale market, has a remarkable architectural character thanks to the Vertical Farm and the Auditorium. It conveys people circulation on the food street while linking both the market and the park through pedestrian paths.