Olympic Village

Design of the Mediterranean Olympic Games village in Chieti

TYPES: Housing
YEAR: 2009
CLIENT: Villaggio Mediterraneo s.r.l.
ACTIVITIES: Implementation plan, preliminary and final designs, working drawings
AREA: 24 ha - 295.000 m3

The village for the 16th edition of the Mediterranean Games has been realized in the area between the cities of Chieti and Pescara to host 5.000 delegates of the different nations participating to the Games.
The project is an important opportunity for a shared plan and an important study phase thanks to different concurrent elements, such as private financings, the wish of developing the University Center and the simultaneous commitment of the Town Council in respect of the Games organizing committee to make the structure available for the village.
The integrated intervention program, according to the PRUSST (Urban Regeneration and Sustainable Development Program) agreements, covers a total area of nearly 24 hectares, of which about 19 occupied by the Village.
A new infrastructural layout has been also provided with the aim of reconnecting the new urban district, making it autonomous from the rest of the city and improving the existing infrastructural network.
In this sense and taking into account the different constraints of the area, the project choose to define a main infrastructural axis to absorb potential traffic flows resulting from the new structures.
As far as it concerns the buildable volume, the plan entails the construction of approximately 295.000 cubic meters, 65% of which for services and 35% for residential construction, and it includes 10 towers, 6 of which within the Village, with variable heights between 35 and 45 meters.
The use of these towers is defined according to functional requirements at the urban scale. The towers have an almost continuous base at street level and are adequately equipped with parking areas to ensure a high level of accessibility and fruition of the relevant urban functions.
The typological choice of towers allowed to concentrate the constructive density avoiding land consumption and protecting the view on the important adjacent valley.