Port area

Regeneration of the port and harbour structures in Porto San Giorgio

TYPES: Masterplan
LOCATION: Porto San Giorgio
YEAR: 2011
CLIENT: private client
ACTIVITIES: Masterplan
AREA: 36.300 m2

The Master Plan is aimed at integrating the large port structures in Porto San Giorgio and their surroundings.
The area has an extension of 36.000 m2 and can reach a volume of about 100.000 cubic meters with shipyards, special apartment buildings, urban, port and reception facilities.
The general design strategy presented here is part of the systematic integration of the spaces, programmes and transportation networks that serves both the port and the city.
From this point of view, the project aims to be a mixed design plan of development: public interest, the design of public spaces and infrastructures are all included in the design of the entire area, including privately owned lands, aiming to organically reconcile the private lands of the port with the urban public spaces; an improvement of the port traffic  connected to public traffic at the local and extra-local level; new public functions added to those strictly of the port; new commercial facilities and an improvement of the existing ones. The project aims to heal an urban open wound while ensuring a comprehensive continuity of the city and of its spaces and functions in this territory.  As well, it systematically avoids any separation within the territory, any limitation of an “inside” and an “outside” and any distinction of public and private. The port is thus returned to the city, naturally completing the historical south waterfront and reconnecting it to the Ete Vivo river park.
Commercial, industrial and port facilities are some of the new functions which are provided for. The reception facilities cover an area of  22.000 m2 and consist of a hotel with 60 rooms and special apartments, managed according to the use of boat spaces. Part of the structure will be seasonally used.
The very different functions find their place among public spaces (green areas and squares) and public zones (parking and thermal areas).