Rail Station

New high-speed rail station of Algiers

TYPES: Infrastructure
YEAR: 2014
CLIENT: Anesrif
ACTIVITIES: Preliminary design
AREA: 23.000 sqm

The new rail station of Algiers will represent an important service hub for the city and the territory. The international hotel has 3 conference rooms, 2 exhibition halls, 2 restaurants, 2 coffee bars and 210 rooms on 11 floors. The shopping centre has more than 60 shops, 4 restaurants and 6 coffee bars; a provision of multilevel parking garages with 950 car parking lots; a station for 12 buses, taxi stops and 350 unsheltered parking spaces.
This new station will be the greatest bridge-station in North Africa. As well as the 6 rail tracks, waiting rooms and ticket offices above the railway, the station has 2 large entry halls, 2 ticket offices, 2 passenger helpdesks, vip lounges and prayer room.
The project has been conceived according to the main bioclimatic principles to ensure energy saving and respect for the environment.
The design of the new central station of Algiers aims to realize a modern and efficient urban intermodal hub for transport. The new station will convey all national railway lines, the international airport connection, urban rail and bus lines. In particular, the high building technology has been combined with the materials and the colours of the Algerian tradition, history and nature.
A new centrality for the city and the whole nation.