Sant'Andrea Hospital

Extension of the “Sant’Andrea” Hospital

TYPES: Education and Health
YEAR: 2013
CLIENT: Lazio Region - National Health Service
ACTIVITIES: Final design and working drawings – Competition 1st Prize
AREA: 14.790 sqm

The extension project of the Sant’Andrea Hospital provides for the regeneration and development of the functions referring to the entire hospital complex. In addition to responding to the intervention functional needs, the project aims to reorganize some of the hospital units, which are directly or indirectly involved in the extension plan.
The project particularly focuses on the extension and concentration of the administrative activities and of all those not strictly sanitary functions, related to both internal and external areas of the complex. In the interior spaces of the new structure, the project proposes an overall of columnar vertical spaces, giving continuity to the sightline so as to create the main functional axis of the whole complex. Such coordinated scheme begins at the basement floor, then goes up to the ground level and the main hall, finally joining the internal and external system. This spatial organization is particularly evident at the first floor because of the double height standing on the hall. The second floor opens to the roof garden and proposes a high rise piece of Rome’s countryside.