Social housing Centocelle

Apartments and facilities in the quarter Centocelle of Rome

TYPES: Housing
YEAR: 2011
CLIENT: Municipality of Rome
ACTIVITIES: Implementation plan, preliminary and final design, working drawings
AREA: 13.400 sqm

The project area is delimited by via della Primavera to the west, via Carpineto to the east, via Fontechiari to the south and via Guarcino to the north. The project involves the whole redevelopment of the existing buildings and public spaces, through a structured and complex program. The intervention on the existing building provides for the closure of the free porch spans and for the construction of new social housing and services including a senior center, a time-based exchange bank and a youth information center.
The existing commercial center has been demolished in order to build a new housing volume with a bioclimatic system to reduce energy consumption. The new volume has three levels and an ā€œLā€ shaped plan. The new building comprises 9 apartments served by a staircase with an access gallery.
A the basement floor there are cellars and parking spaces for every apartment. Balconies and terraces, as well as the landing of the staircase, are equipped with perforated metal railings while the French windows of the facade are provided with sliding doors in expanded metal.
The technical volume is accessible from the staircase and has an iron structure independent from the building; its frame and roof are made of thermo-panels. The attic, used as drying space, hosts the new building bioclimatic system. On the ground floor there is dedicated space for children, as educational model to support families.
The project also includes the change in function and typology of the existing underground areas in order to recover them and provide the neighborhood with new services. The space is endowed with pedestrian paths, parking areas and volumes, which all together reconnect the two main levels of the area. The two levels are also connected by a common lift.
The square opens to Via Fontechiari on three different growing levels which follow the road path. The square terrace paving is in travertine such as its travertine benches and planters. All different levels are connected with staircases and ramps to overcome architectural barriers.