Subway and Bus Station

Competition (2nd prize) for the new subway station and bus Exchange in La Soie, Lyon

TYPES: Infrastructure
YEAR: 2004
ACTIVITIES: Masterplan, preliminary design
AREA: 16.000 m2

The project includes the realization of the new terminal station of the C line of the metro in Lyon and various related services, including a new bus station and a connection with the nearby tram stop. The project proposed an articulated spatial solution able to manage and integrate these different transport networks, in respect of the autonomy of each function and of their realization. The formal homogeneous solutions and the careful selection of covering materials ensure the whole harmony of the project.
The metro station appears as the urban “beacon” of the eastern side of Lyon.
To fully respond to the different requirements, the project moves along the limit between the real, the fantastic, the possible and the desirable in the aim of integrating quality and feasibility.
The chosen materials for pedestrian areas are safe, durable and easily serviceable, whereas those selected for more symbolic architectural elements are lighter and have a light transparency and clashing fragility.
The metro station is the main nucleus rising around the intermodal hub in La Soie. It has an important organizational role of the area and it also participate in the interchange of pedestrian and infrastructural networks in the whole district of La Soie. The urban space of the station is thus enhanced as central public space of the entire district.
The large roof, as a flattened arch, links the various functions connected to the station and creates a comfortable microclimate throughout the seasons and during any time of the day.
At night, it becomes a glowing “landmark” representing the “safe harbor” of the intermodal hub, where both material and immaterial filaments of the different infrastructural networks move and meet each other.