Luxury Resort

Restyling of the Hotel "Valle dei Casali"

TYPES: Hotel, Sport and Leisure
YEAR: 2014
CLIENT: private
ACTIVITIES: Preliminary and final design, working drawings
AREA: 14.000 sqm

The design proposal represents a restyling and renovation plan conceived to transform the existing structure of the Hotel Valle dei Casali in a 4 star Luxury Hotel.
The reorganization of the buildings aims to give the new Hotel complex a strong and recognizable identity, looking at the city icons, symbolic values and all historic, artistic and contextual elements.
It aims to ensure the highest and best design excellence to the new structure while combining modernity and tradition.
The project also aims to improve customer services and rooms quality with a well thought-out reorganization of functions and paths.
The Hotel wants to reflect the great history of Rome through icons and information: a real and symbolic reconstruction involving culture and heritage, from politics to art, from action to culture. The design provides a reorganization and upgrade of the common spaces, with special attention to lobby, reception, living and break areas. The new Hotel has 245 rooms divided into 135 standard rooms, 105 deluxe rooms and 5 suites, guaranteeing a good distinction in the commercial offering. Some rooms, except for the standard room number, are dedicated to an historical character, whose life, history, ventures and role are displayed in a sober but iconic way.